In which things are out of alignment, I assume

Is there an astrologer in the house? How about an astronomer? A psychic? Animal empath? I'll take anyone, including your cousin Minnie who one time knew Janine was calling before the phone even rang. Because it seems that there is a disturbance in the force, and I would love someone to sort it out and clarify the basic issues.

There is a lot of angst at the office today, although the most I am experiencing myself is a nagging sinus headache due to the wind. But it seems that everyone else is welcoming a little chaos.

To dispel the clouds, here is a little side-trip to an earlier, simpler time when hair was big and Life was Dynamite. Gaze upon the wonders you will find there, for they can calm the most troubled waters.

With any luck, the planets, or whatever has come unglued, will shake back into place soon and we can all go back to what we should be doing, which is: watching re-runs of Murder, She Wrote.

Star of the day. . .Blossom Dearie, RIP, beautiful lady
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She lay awake all night,