In which she's a lot like you: the dangerous type

I just looked in the mirror, and I'm not sure how it's physically possible, but the dark circles under my eyes appear to be extending past the boundaries of my actual head. They're emanating off my face, creating a kind of dark glow, like a reverse halo. If I can patent this effect, I am going to make a mint, selling it to goth kids from here to ...somewhere else far away, where the kids have lots of disposable income. I'll call it No-Glo.

Anyway, I'm rambling and slightly incoherent, owing to several factors including a post-midnight text message I got from a friend I'm not going to name here (call him... Mr. X), which turned into a two-hour confession of his deep affection for a certain indie rock queen, and some intense strategizing (including a full Celtic Cross tarot reading) for the best way he can woo her to become his girlfriend.

I should point out that this installment of Miss Violet's Lovelorn Listen Line didn't include my usual delusional strategizing, for instance, the kind that happens when I write songs about my Imaginary Boyfriend John Krasinski and expect the Universe to magically comply with my wishes. Mr. X actually knows said indie rock queen, and in fact, earlier in the evening, he and an old acquaintance of mine had played as her opening act. In my world, she would immediately recognize his greatness and invite him on tour with her forever. We'll see what happens.

I'm not going to name her either, because on the off chance he turns into a rabid Googler For Love, I don't want him to feel like I sold him out. And anyway, as today's horoscope reads, in part:

You're nice. That's not to say that you're too nice, or that you're a pushover, or that you're saccharine sweet. No, you're just nice, and you're nice to your fellow humans and people appreciate it.

Huh. I'm not sure what to say about that, but because I am an aspiring narcissist, I'm going to enjoy it in the spirit of fascination with others' views of me. Actually, I recently had two people deliver unsolicited opinions of me. The first came from my friend Tahmi, while discussing a friend of hers whom I've met maybe three times, and never really spoken to (because she pointedly ignores me).

"She said she finds you 'difficult,'" said Tahmi, kind of reluctantly.

I was almost impressed. Not that I can't be difficult--I think the Keelhauler would fully agree with that assessment. The difference is that he has reason to find me difficult, while this broad hasn't ever even said "boo." Which seems kind of unusual, as she's white as a ghost and just as eerie.

"Do you think she meant, 'difficult to make conversation with' or 'difficult to get to know'?" I asked.

"No," said Tahmi, "She meant DIFFICULT."

Huh. So, there's that. I cannot wait to see her again, because I am going to give her the biggest, friendliest hug I can muster, and possibly kiss her on the lips, in a gesture of cameraderie and welcoming.

Then, I was talking to Mr. X today (reporting updates on the indie rock queen story) and he described me as "two-thirds sophisticate, one-third dork." Which I didn't wholly disagree with, but he then gave me a slight instance of the chills by adding, "It's almost like two separate personalities."

Ha! See if I stay up half the night counseling HIM on his love-life again! Which I totally will, incidentally, because I am nice. Just read my horoscope.


Hey, Keelhauler! I can see you when you get to my site by Googling yourself. XOXOX I love you. :)

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