In which I am thinking

My horoscope today instructs me to let people know what I am thinking. "Let people know what you are thinking!" were the exact words, and so because I am a slave to the stars, although not in a Hollywood madam kind of way, here goes:

  1. I think it's creepy when a guy with a mustache slicks his hair straight back. I know this because I just saw a guy cross the street, and he fit this description. I found it creepy. Although I could have been reacting to the spiderweb tattooed across his face.
  2. Lime is the best flavor. No, grapefruit. No, lime.
  3. Here are two license plates I saw in the last week that made me roll my eyes: SUG DAD1 on a black Mercedes; and MY ARIVL on a Porsche Boxster. This is because I am judgmental of smug, rich people and will be until I am one, probably. (Time estimate: One week!)
  4. Every day, there is a catering truck that pulls up to the construction site across from my building. The truck's horn blares "La Cucaracha," which is OK, except that it triggers whatever Rainman reflex occurs in the brains of my coworkers, causing them to either whistle along or sing outright. It would be nice if the truck changed it up a little, is all, maybe came in with a "Hello My Baby" or whatever that song is called, the one that duplicitous singing frog is famous for.
  5. Here are the items I misplaced after Friday's gig: 1) My good grey suede coat; 2) My good black boots; C) My orange lyrics notebook (whatever, like I remember them anyway). Anyone in possession of these items is requested to return them and I will give you a PRIZE.
  6. OMG!
  7. The wind was so fierce this weekend that I got seasick at the dock. (Not throwing-up seasick, just queasy.) This makes me question my seamanship. And lots of other things.
  8. Sharon Stone is the modern-day Joan Crawford.

Star of the day. . .Saul Bass
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