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Today is Learn About Animals day at Spark and Foam (the name of this site, in case you suffer from momentary amnesia). And, today, we're going to learn about

North Ronaldsay Sheep!!

Or, as I like to call them, Sea Sheep. I'm alone on this bandwagon so far, but I feel that I can build support via the power of teh internetz.

I learned of these Sea Sheep from my dear friend Eva, who is knowledgeable about this type of thing (i.e., Sea Sheep).

I was so excited to learn of these sheep that live by the sea and eat seaweed and, I assume, have sparkly fins and blue-green woolly coats. You can imagine my disappointment upon learning that they look pretty much like regular dumb old sheep like you could find at any farm or truck stop.

Since it is important to craft the reality you need, from here on out, these Sea Sheep will have the following characteristics:

  1. Blue-green woolly coats

  2. Sparkly eyes like Sparkle-Eye Barbie, how awesome was that, by the way?

  3. Feathers

  4. Spirally horns made of some transparent but strong material, so they don't shatter during territorial battles

  5. The power of speech that I can understand

  6. Roller-hooves

If I understand The Secret properly, my intention for these things to come into existence should be enough to ensure success. Success!

In the meantime, I have written this song, a Sea Sheep-themed song, that we can sing while we wait for them to arrive. It goes like this:

Sea sheep, sea sheep
You live out by the sea.
Sea sheep, sea sheep
You are the sheep for MEEEEEEE!

Feel free to make up your own tune. That is the kind of free-wheeling friend I am.

Actually, I was recently informed (this is separate from the Sea Sheep issue) that I am a "free-thinker." That was an upgrade from "hippie," the first epithet bestowed on me by two apparently clueless coworkers. I was so startled. Plus, I was not crazy about the way they said "free-thinker," which carried a whiff of "FREAK" with it.

More on that later.

For now, please concentrate on these Sea Sheep, and help my dream become real. Thank you.

Star of the day. . .EEEEE-va
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