In which I'm in the mood for this October, once again

This morning, I opened the front door of the place I'm house-sitting and saw a glossy black spider tootling her way across the tile. The sun gleaming off her body, round and shiny as a black pearl, reminded me of Halloween. And also that I hadn't put away my pearl earrings after I wore them this weekend. But mostly of Halloween. So.

Welcome to October! The best month, I think we can all agree, and if we can't, then I'll just retreat back into my happy cloud castle where I am always right. Want to join me? Bring a bottle of booze and an ice bucket, and meet me in the south tower.

I am so happy it's October, not just because it is the best month (see above) but because this year, anyway, the arrival of the tenth month means that the assorted garbage cluttering up the ninth month is a thing of the past. The boat engine is fixed, and the Gigantic Flower Project I inadvertently volunteered for is over. Without getting into details, I will just caution you against blindly agreeing to single-handedly manage and execute any aspect of someone else's wedding, especially if you are thinking of doing it for free.

Now that I have the Major Projects behind me, I can concentrate on things I like, for instance:

  • Chartreuse-and-soda. Drink several today! and listen to...

  • This October, by the lovely Julie London. It is the perfect song to listen to while applying lipstick.

  • The potential that the Keelhauler will get me a present;

  • The Day of the Incorrigibles;

  • The possibility that Caribou Barbie will be defeated in next month's election, and drag her inarticulate ass back to where we can't stare at her bangs or hear that nasal twang any more;

  • My band's upcoming gig on the 23rd, after a long summer of inactivity;

  • The nectarine I brought in today, even though it is not quite ripe.

Happy October, everybody. May your troubles be smashed as flat as that spider I saw this morning.

What? It was a black widow. There is no room for poisonous biting in my October Plan.

Star of the day. . .Aki Sumita
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