In which I set down some guidelines

It’s Day Six of NaBloPoMo, all you NaBloPoMo-ers, and if you’re anything like me, your enthusiasm is showing signs of a plateau. Of course, if you really are like me, you are not participating in NaBloPoMo, so this whole paragraph has been shown to be moot. Who says the Universe doesn’t automatically correct itself?

Still, I like to do my part, (Helping), so I have come up with an awesome guide to get you through the next 24 days of posting, now that the initial thrill has worn off, the election is over, and it’s too early to start with the memes of what you were doing five years ago. (Let’s face it: five years ago, you were posting a five-years-ago meme in your NaBloPoMo entry.)

So, on to the guide! I call it the Spark and Foam Awesome Idea Guide to National Blog Posting Month – AWESOME, or: SpaFoAwIdGui2NaBloPoMoAw. May it inspire you for a little more than three weeks.

By Violet W.

  1. Steve McQueen was so great. Tell how he influenced your judgment and/or wardrobe.
  2. David Cassidy has been quoted as saying (and here, I paraphrase what I just said was a quote) that on “The Partidge Family,” he may have played “I Think I Love You” and other lame songs, but that between takes, he was playing Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” and other hipness anthems. Is there a time in your own life when you have unconvincingly defended yourself against accusations of lameness? Explore that, and try again to convince your audience that you are secretly cool.
  3. Spotlight on: Qatar! There are a lot of issues over there. Discuss.
  4. You can push a button and instantly get free shoes for life from the designer of your choice, but you have to wear only those shoes. Who will you pick, and what are the consequences if that designer falls out of fashion or his business fails? Is there a prejudice against the improperly shod in our society?
  5. Imagine you are writing from 1,500 years in the future. Tell us how awesome it is even though bread costs $45,000,0000 a slice.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that Paris Hilton is turning into Morgan Fairchild? Find other humorous celebrity comparisons and list them, with photographic evidence. (Refer to SPY Magazine, 1993 for examples.)
  7. Talk about a time someone dissed you on public transportation.
  8. Thesis: Some People Keep A Blog Just To Get Attention, But I Am Different.
  9. Describe a dream you supposedly had last night, with special emphasis on sexy vampires and/or your rock-star crush. Using compelling detail, try to elicit a cyber booty call in the comments.
  10. List the thoughtful luxurious gifts your beloved has bestowed upon you, but remain coy about the accompanying notes (some things are just too personal). Imply a variety of reasons that you deserve such devotion and material wealth. Bonus points for understated mention of the ballroom, butler's pantry, or polo grounds of the house in which you grew up.
  11. Reflections On Caramel
  12. OMG NaBloPoMo is liek SO HARD OMGOMGOMG!!!1 Discuss.

I hope this has helped. Keep on Writing!

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