In which I forgot my homework

I am highly disappointed in myself today because I forgot the important work I wanted to discuss, namely: Julio!, the autobiography of Julio Iglesias. It contains many gems of wisdom and now, at this holiday time of year, I think we could all benefit from Julio's gentle grace.

Maybe it's a biography, not an autobiography. I can't remember. I found the book in the laundry room and read it while trying to keep my towels from over-drying, so was unable to focus my full attention on the text.

The one fact I can share with you comes from the Julio Iglesias entry on Wikipedia, which states, regarding his 2006 CD, "Romantic Classics":

he appeared on Dancing With The Stars where he sang his hit "I Want To know what Love Is," "Good Morning America," "The View," "Fox and Friends," and "Martha Stewart."

I would very much like to hear that last song--I hope it's a duet.

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