In which the sky is a bright canary yellow

I am taking it as an auspicious sign on this auspicious day that the doorways in the new building across the street have this morning been painted my favorite color: robin's-egg blue.

In honor of our new president, this beautiful clear day, and general good cheer, I will forgo my usual complaints and instead list a few things that I consider occasion for happiness.

  • The song I'm in Love With a Wonderful Guy from South Pacific. It's fun to sing. Try it today while swinging your arms in wide arcs along with the music. Hooray! Hooray for love!
  • Crown Mill stationery. It’s of the finest quality—it says so right on the box. A wide variety of colors will prove useful for all occasions, from “Please come to dinner on our yacht” mango to “I deeply regret breaking your ormolu vase” grey. Bonus: each set comes in a matching box that, once empty, you can use to store cufflinks, buttons, or Barbie shoes.
  • Tangerines! That’s all, just “tangerines.”
  • Officially designating a Dance Step of the Day. Today’s, for example, is one I made up, consisting of wide, erratic back-and-forth lunges paired with robotic, chugging arm movements. You can use this one or make up your own. Steps to consider: The Bus Stop, the Pony, the Courtney-Cox-in-that-Bruce-Springsteen-Video.
  • Expandable crepe-paper seasonal decorations. Boundless cheer! I have two—one is a turkey, whose somber expression belies a whimsical nature—and a snowman, who is inexplicably brandishing a broom. Expandable decorations expand the cheer in your heart and are very affordable. I recommend several. I will soon begin shopping for my Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day expandable decorations. I find them in thrift stores.
  • Vanity records from the ‘70s and ‘80s. I have a number of these, ranging from questionable cover versions of disco hits to unsettling originals about the Circle K or the merits of the Basenji. At the moment, I’m listening to a wonderful number called “Willie Wonka” by an artist named Kerby. The last line goes: My Willie Wonka song could go on and on and on, but it’s not, so I’ll stop. And she does.
  • Ankle-strap shoes. I am wearing some today, with giant wedge heels. The straps are not only attractive; they really help the shoes stay on when I’m performing the Dance Move.
  • Fountain pens and accompanying ink. My favorite is made by J. Herbin, and comes in a rainbow of hues suited to combination with the Crown Mill palette—life is just so wonderful and color-coordinated! J. Herbin also makes invisible ink, but not for fountain pens. I will not focus on my disappointment about this fact, because today is a day for cheer. So, accordingly: HOORAY FOR INK! My favorite is Bleu Mysotis, but Rouge Opéra is dramatic and rosy, perfect for any correspondence containing the words “passionate,” “breathtaking,” or the phrase “Never in my life have I…”
  • The word “aqueduct.” It is just lovely.

May you find a thousand things to cheer you today.

Star of the day. . .Nellie Forbush
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